Flip Flop Shop

Flip Flops shop

The fact that flip flops belong to the most popular types of foot wear is no secret. In fact the continued rise in popularity has witnessed the birth of specialized stores dedicated to selling only this type of foot wear, the so called “flip flop shop”.

Flip flops from rags to riches

Flip flops are as old as man. There are portraits from civilizations that existed thousands of years ago, where the main foot wear are thong sandals, which was the term for flip flops before this popular name was introduced during the sixties.
In earlier times dating back from the roaring twenties until the mid fifties thong sandals were perceived as foot wear for the lower classes reserved only for the working class. It was not until the end of the fifties, when famous people, like Hollywood stars and the likes started wearing them as a fashion statement to set themselves apart from the masses, which paved the way for the rise in popularity of flip flops as we have witnessed, and which also has resulted in the birth of the flip flop shop.

Flip flop variety

Who thinks that a flip flop shop has a very limited assortment of foot wear would be sadly mistaken. Today, flip flops come in all sorts, shapes and sizes and for just about every purpose. There are beach sandals for outdoor usage, sidewalk surfers for casual wear and trendy fashionable sandals intended for parties and other events and all those in different shapes and colors. In short, there is a suitable pair of flip flops for every function and a flip flop shop carries all of them in all varieties that come with them.

The success of the flip flop shop

Besides a collection with a decent variety of foot wear, the other main attraction of a flip flop shop is pricing. Flip flops have always been and remain to be among the most affordable foot wear people can buy. This makes a specialized shop for sandals  an affordable place where people can purchase foot wear that is trendy and fashionable, yet does not have a large impact on their wallets. In fact it is safe to day that the success of the flip flop shop revolves around the three A’s: Assortment, Affordability, Ageless.
Assortment because of the wide variety of flip flops that are available, Affordability because typically flip flops range between $10 and $60 which makes them affordable for any type of budget, and ageless because there are flip flops for everyone; men, women and children.

In short, the success of the flip flop shop is the same as the success of the foot wear type itself. All the key assets of the type like pricing, convenience and flexibility also apply to the shop, and therefore it is obvious that as long as the popularity of flip flops remains on the rise, so will the success of the flip flop shop. It is safe to assume that both are here to stay for many years to come.

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