Wholesale Flip Flops

Wholesale Flip Flops

There are a number of ways to get wholesale flip flops if you are looking either for a bargain for yourself or to stock them for your own online eCommerce business. While many people just like to buy merchandise at wholesale prices, most often buying wholesale entails ordering bulk shipments which may necessitate ordering more items than the average person or family could reasonably use. In any case, there are a number of ways to get wholesale flip flops prices, even on high end designer brands.

Wholesale Flip Flops for Your Business

Whether you are an online vendor, a swap shop merchant or have your own footwear or clothing shop, the best way to purchase wholesale flip flops in bulk is often to contact the manufacturer personally. The reason for this is that once you go through a distributor, the prices are necessarily marked up that much more. However, you would still be getting the product at what amounts to wholesale price as it would be far less than the MSRP, but still higher than it would be when going direct to the manufacturer.

Even the top names in designer footwear will sell at wholesale prices based on the amount of shoes you see in retail stores around the world. For example, Havaianas, Reef, Sanuk and other high end flip flops can be found in retail and specialty shops everywhere. Those retailers purchased their stock at wholesale prices. Keep in mind that if you aren’t going to order a truckload, you would probably need to go through a distributor to get wholesale flip flops pricing.

Wholesale Flip Flops for the General Public

Actually, there are different levels of wholesale pricing, depending on the quantity ordered. If you look at it from a business perspective, anything less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price could be viewed as wholesale. If you look for wholesale flip flops sold to the general public, that distributor purchased those shoes at the lowest wholesale price and is willing to resell them at a small amount above what he or she paid for them.

This is how the general public is able to take advantage of wholesale flip flops prices. Selling ‘wholesale’ merchandise to the public that simply wants to order one or two items is a common business practice and you can find a great number of merchants, especially online, that will afford this opportunity to consumers. It’s a win-win situation. The vendor makes a few bucks and the consumer gets a great deal on wholesale flip flops.

However, there is something you should be aware of when ordering what is advertised as wholesale designer items. There are a number of unethical vendors out there that purchase ‘knock-offs’ (counterfeit) products and try to market them as authentic. If the price sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! Unless you are ordering wholesale flip flops in quantities large enough to stock a showroom, expect to pay perhaps 15 – 25% below retail price in most cases. Anything lower than that might raise a red flag unless it is a special, one-time promotional sale.

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