Types of Flip Flops

Types of Flip Flops

There are different types of flip flops that you can think about wearing during the hot summer months. Both children as well as adults can pick and choose from a variety of options. These are very popular footwear items during the summer season. Flip flops have been used from very ancient times and there have also been many different types of flip flops over all these years.

Flip flops – suits different needs

Different types of flip flops are created to suit different needs. Those with thongs are considered to be very popular and are flip flops which have a strip of some material that fits in between a person’s first as well as second toes. These will hold your footwear in the right place. This material will also spread over your foot and connects to the end of the flip flop on each side.

Made from plastic

Such types of flip flops are generally made from synthetics such as plastic and the style suits people of all ages. These types of flip flops are easy to find in different clothing stores and are available in various colors and with different kinds of embellishments.

Zori Sandal

The Zori sandal is another one of the many types of flip flops that are very popular in Japan. It was originally created out of materials that are made out of straw as well as plants. Of late, these types of flip flops are also being made out of synthetics and the sandal itself resembles a thong but they are available in many styles.


Slippers are very common types of flip flops and are generally worn indoors because when they are used in the outdoors there is a big chance that they will become very dirty. These are very comfortable types of flip flops that are made from material that is very soft and they are worn indoors to prevent feet from coming into contact with carpets or floors made from hardwood. This footwear can also be worn at a spa.


Sandals are also one of the many different types of flip flops which are available in many different styles and are an ideal option for women. These are also available in high heeled versions and are a very dressy type of flip flop that goes well with a person’s evening ensemble. Such sandals are often worn with a nice dress and are a good option if you are going to wear Capri’s.

Mostly, such types of flip flops are made from material that is metallic and which is adorned with different beads and even jewels. Some of them may even have some straps that are tied around the wearer’s ankles.

If you wish to wear quality flip flops, then you should check out those that are made by Adidas. This company has many decades of experience in providing quality footwear and though they are better known for their soccer and running shoes, they also make some excellent walking shoes and flip flops. They have an excellent selection of open flip flops which are great for wearing in the hot weather.

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